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Before purchasing CopyMetric, you need to:

  1. Decide whether you prefer a Lite or Complete edition. (What's the difference?)
  2. Download and install a copy of CopyMetric. This step is required, firstly, to confirm its compatibility with your system (each system is subtly different) and, secondly, to create an installation ID that will be required to activate your copy of CopyMetric.
  3. Determine the required registration capacity, i.e. the maximum number of software copies that can be registered and receive updates.

    Prices start from USD380 for CopyMetric Lite and USD570 for CopyMetric Complete with 1,000 copies registration capacity each.

You can purchase an activation key for your chosen CopyMetric edition and the registration capacity by submitting an order form available at the bottom of this page. The price will be automatically calculated once you have selected the required product. After your payment has been processed, your activation key and the activation instructions will be sent to your specified email address.

When submitting the order form, you will need to specify the installation ID displayed on the Configuration Settings page of Registration & Update Manager installed by Setup. Each activation key can only be used with one installation ID. Make sure you specify the right ID (copy and paste, do not type).

If you need to increase the registration capacity in the future, you can do so by purchasing a new activation key with the required additional capacity. For example, if you initially purchase an activation key for 2,000 copies and later purchase a key for 1,000 copies for the same installation ID, the combined registration capacity of your system will be 3,000 copies.

As activation keys are server based, to use CopyMetric in a multiple-server environment you will need to purchase an activation key for each web server where CopyMetric is installed.

If CopyMetric is reinstalled on the same server, the existing activation key for that server will remain valid and can be reused. However, if CopyMetric is moved to another server, a new activation key will be required.

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  If you experience difficulties with submitting an order form or require assistance with activation keys, please contact Technical Support.

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