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CopyMetric consists of three components:

Registration & Update Manager

  • Web server application. Requires IIS on Windows Server 2003 or later.
  • Maintains a central database of registration records.
  • Sends updates to all registered software copies.
  • Provides System Administrators with access to the registration records, uploaded data, usage statistics and update functionality through a web browser based interface.

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • DLL distributed with your application.
  • Performs all the registration and update tasks through one function call.
  • In the Custom Updates mode, provides additional functions to access the updates data for implementation of an alternative, application specific update mechanism instead of using the default Update window.

Package Builder

  • Windows application used to create update packages.
  • An update package is a compressed collection of application files installed on the updated systems.
  • A simple user interface makes the process of package creation similar to placing files in folders in Windows Explorer (see example).
  • Some of the files in the package, for instance, setup programs or scripts, e.g. written in JScript or VBScript, can be selected to run after the installation to perform additional tasks (see JScript and VBScript examples).

Detailed information on the architecture and technical requirements of CopyMetric, including the installation instructions and examples of using the API functions in C++ and Delphi, are available in the User Guide.

Lite Vs Complete

There are two editions of CopyMetric, Lite and Complete. They have similar functionality but use different types of database for storing registration records and update packages.

Lite Edition

This edition uses an internal file database with all the data files stored on the web server.

Does not require a server database.
Works faster.
Easier maintenance due to simplicity.
Does not support multiple web servers.
Data on the web server has to be backed up.
Requires more RAM than Complete (approximately 2.5 MB per 10,000 registered copies).

Complete Edition

This edition uses Microsoft SQL Server. The supported range is SQL Server 2000 or later, including SQL Server Express.

Can be installed on multiple web servers connected to the same database.
No data stored on the web server.
No special RAM requirements.
Data can be potentially accessed by other applications.
More complex architecture with SQL Server adding an extra tier.
Good performance but not as fast as Lite.

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